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From cute to classy, Meraki Pet offers custom pet portraits gifts that celebrate the special bond with your pet. Fetch your favorite today!

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Custom Your Pet Portraits

Treat your furry friend to personalized perfection from our curated collection.

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Gifts for Pet Lovers, Joy for All

  • Our Philosophy

    Meraki Pet is derived from the Greek word "Meraki," meaning to infuse soul, love, and creativity into our work. We are dedicated to providing personalized and heartfelt products for pet lovers.

  • Our Features

    Custom pet Portraits gift are our core focus, and we also offer unique pet gifts. We provide a variety of pet-related items, personalized gifts, and novelty products. Our team is composed of professional artists who are passionate and dedicated to their craft.

  • Our Services

    Our products offer emotional and commemorative value, bringing endless joy and beautiful memories to you and your pet. After all, who doesn't love furry pets?

  • Our Commitment

    We are committed to using high-quality materials and eco-friendly processes, ensuring each product is not only beautiful and functional but also environmentally friendly. We also offer secure payment options and comprehensive after-sales service to ensure a worry-free shopping experience.

Customize Home, Pet-Printed Perfection!

Got a pet that’s picture-perfect? Bring them to life with Meraki Pet’s custom pet portraits on plates and pillows. It’s the purr-fect way to add a dash of charm and a whole lot of love to your home decor, making it a unique and heartfelt gift!

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Shine with Custom Jewelry!

Handcrafted with heart, Meraki Pet’s custom jewelry and pet portraits capture the purr-fect blend of love and whimsy, turning your pet’s spirit into sparkling, personal gifts and keepsakes.

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Our Star Team at Your Service

Meet our superstar team! From Whiskers' artistic genius to Purr's perfect picks, Paws' expert packing, and Tails' top-notch support, we've got everything covered with a wag and a purr.

  • Whiskers

    Our talented artist who turns pet photos into stunning masterpieces. With a keen eye for detail, Whiskers captures each pet's unique personality. If you are blank about what to customize, Whiskers will ignite your creativity. Contact Whiskers or through WhatsApp.

  • Purr

    All products meet strict quality control measures set by Purr. Whenever Purr finds a perfect product, a contented purr is the reward. Curious about Purr's picks? See all our products.

  • Paws

    Packing each order with precision and love. Paws handles every item carefully to ensure it's perfect before it reaches you. Check our policies.

  • Tails

    The friendly face behind our customer support. Like a happy pet wagging its tail, Tails is here to ensure your satisfaction, answering questions and resolving issues. Contact Tails: or through WhatsApp.

You May Also Want to Know

Why choose a custom pet portrait as a gift?

A custom pet portrait is a unique and personalized gift that can immortalize your pet. By transforming your pet's photo into a stunning piece of art, it not only adds warmth to your home but is also the perfect way to express your affection to pet lovers.

For which special occasions is a custom pet portrait suitable?

Custom pet portraits are suitable for a variety of special occasions, including Father's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, anniversaries, or just because. These personalized pet gifts can touch hearts and add special meaning to any occasion.

Is the custom service limited to photos of cats and dogs only?

Our custom service is not limited to cats and dogs; it is for all pets and animals. Whether it's a small pet like a rabbit, a large animal like a horse, or even a dinosaur from your imagination, we can provide a comprehensive personalized custom service.

How can I ensure that the custom pet portrait I order is satisfactory?

We offer a preview service within 48 hours, allowing for unlimited modifications, and you can approve your custom portrait before it is shipped. Our commitment is to provide a 100% satisfactory personalized pet portrait service. If you are not satisfied with the preview, you can apply for a refund at any time.

Do you offer global shipping?

Yes, we primarily serve the US and European markets, but we also offer global shipping. Your order is fully trackable throughout the entire process.

Global Shipping with Local Touch

We extend our reach to pet lovers worldwide by offering global shipping. We ensure that your custom pet portraits are supplied from the nearest supplier to your location, reducing transit time and our carbon footprint.

Can I change the delivery address of my package after it has been shipped out?

Once your package is on its way, we cannot change the delivery address. We recommend double-checking your address before placing the order.

Can I make a change to my order?

Yes, you can make changes to your order within 2 hours of placing it. Please email us at as soon as possible.

Welcome to Meraki Pet! For any questions or custom product inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. Let's create beautiful moments for your pets with love and creativity!

What do I need to do if I have a problem with my order or I'm not satisfied?

We’re here to help! Given the custom nature of our products, we typically do not accept returns. However, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your  订购的产品 arrives with quality issues, contact our Customer Support Star Tails within 48 hours to arrange a complimentary redo or refund, reflecting our commitment to your complete satisfaction.

For any concerns or inquiries, our Customer Support Star Tails is ready to provide assistance. Contact Tails: or through WhatsApp.

I ordered more than one item. Will they all be delivered at the same time?

If you order multiple items, we may split the shipment to ensure you receive your carefully selected pet gifts as soon as possible. This depends on the specific items in your order. Your shopping experience is always our top priority at Meraki Pet.

What if my address is not within the delivery range?

We’re working hard to expand our delivery range. If your address isn't covered yet, contact us at, and we'll do our best to assist you.

How long does it take to create and ship a custom pet product?

We know you’re excited to see your custom creation! Our talented artists are working hard to bring your vision to life.

Creating a custom pet product typically takes 1-2 business days. Shipping times vary by destination, but generally take 1-3 weeks. Please refer to the delivery times on the product page for more details.